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Progressus Medica's

Grenz Ray Unit

- Standardisation of quality of radiation.

- Easy to handle and limited space requirements.



- Standardisation of quality of radiation.

- When radiation is produced an audible  

signal is emitted and a yellow lamp is lighted.

High Voltage Transformer

- Self contained in an oil filled sealed housing.

- Input power: 230V or 110V (±5%). 1,3A 50Hz

- Output power: 9.95Kv, 10mA



- Wall mounted.

- Maximum reach of 214 cm.

- Limited space requirements.



- The tube is equipped with a beryllium window.

- Cooling: The tube is self contained in an oil filled hermetically sealed housing and contains a thermostat.

- Tube life: Since the actual tube rating is 40 - 50 kV, but the unit is operated at 9.95 kV, the lifetime of the tube is greatly increased over its normal rating.

- The unit is equipped with a set of 6 cones, giving a focal skin distance of 17 cm, with diameters of 1-9 cm.

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