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Most inflammatory dermatoses have their pathology in the first millimeter of skin and the rest in the first 3 mm of skin

 Grenz-ray therapy may be expected to be beneficial because 50% of grenz radiation administered is absorbed by the First 0.5 mm ofthe skin. 

This form of radiation is extremely suitable if one considers the sparing effect on hair roots, sebaceous and sweat glands, eyes, and gonads. 


The list of conditions for which grenz-ray therapy has been reported to be effective is long, but much of the treatment recorded in the literature is obsolete today. For a full account of grenz-ray therapy the monographs of Bucky and Combes (16 ) and Hollander (2) should be consulted.

1. Psoriasis

2. Lichen simplex chronicus

3. Pruritus ani et vulvae

4. Seborrheic dermatitis

5. Nummular eczema

6. Nonspecific, persistent eczematous conditions

7. Lichen planus

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